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title: social life
date: Saturday, January 15, 2011
time:10:05 PM
have been working all day long since the beginning of the year
didnt even have time to meet up with friends
sometimes i do feel that i've neglect them
but yet at times, i feel that they no longer need my accompany, simply because they'll always have others around them who are better companion than i do.
so with that reason constantly bugging my mind, i buried myself with work,
or else i'll feel so empty, so lonely, so lifeless

working at taka for laurent bernard chocolatier, and jean philippe darcis at marina bay sands
at taka, this job has indeed given me a lot of exposure
never would i thought that i could actually go into conversation with people so easily and comfortably
the store beside mine, originally called bistrotea, but now blueribbon,
there's 3 of them, elvina, scarlott and robin
they're all sixteen, seventeen this year, whom have just gotten their O'levels results
once you start chatting with people,
it's simply natural for them to ask you this question
"so what are you doing now? poly? jc? waiting for O's?"
my answer would definitely be "neither of the above".
i've never thought that the answer above, would actually hurt me so much
it's like, you can simply see from their human reaction,
"ohh...okay, so what are u doing now?"
of course i told them the very fact that i'm in a baking school
they "felt" that it was very cool.
but i can just feel that, the first thing that came into their mind was, I'm a dropout. I'm from ITE.
i dont mean that they arent nice people, but i'm just trying to say that all normal human are simply just so realistic
can't they just stop looking merely from the surface, but within it?
i cant help feeling upset too, though i genuinely love what i'm doing now
i cant help feeling leftout when my friends around me talk about jc stuffs, like GP, PW, maths,econs, etc
i couldnt understand a single shit
most of the times, i just have to pull on a masquerade and smile, dont I?
life has been really tough on me recently,
i guess i'm suffering from split personality now.
but seriously, who knows?who cares?
the very answer is: NO ONE BOTHERS.

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title: 2011 TWENTY-ELEVEN
time:9:47 PM
The new year has begun, it's definitely high time for me to set my new year resolutions...
1. to bless all my loved ones to stay healthy and happy
2. to have an exercise regime
3. to venture and experiment with new recipes
4. to spend more time with my loved ones
5. to tidy my "awesome" kitchen
6. learn to bear with hardship and simply just suck it up
7. deal with "human" relationship, especially at work
8. open and shut my "crazy" mouth at the right moment
9. improve my baking skills, my decorating skills
10. to save 5k by the end of this year
These are probably my top 10 new year resolutions for now.
Got to make it work, [quoted by Tim Gunn]
yeah, totally.
seriously need to work on No. 6 and 7...
life is never smooth-sailing, Regina.
for things to change for the better, you've got to change first
the solution is right in front of you; it just depends on you now....

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title: NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!!!!!
date: Thursday, December 09, 2010
time:9:05 PM
my "awesome" grandma renovate her entire kitchen, toilets and cabinet.
how "awesome" is that, seriously
camping over my house right now
it has been two weeks
can the contractor please reno faster
please, i beg you
she's driving to the corners!!!!
hell crap!
watches the tv 24/7,
putting all her things all over the place
'excuse me, this is my home, NOT YOURS!'
brings stranger back home....
whatthehell to the MAX!
campingoverourhouseWITHOUT OUR CONSENT
F*** YOU!

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date: Sunday, July 25, 2010
time:11:22 PM

anyway, i came up with a wishlist recently.

materialistic ones:

1. a sports watch

2. a new pair of sports shoes

3. a sports

4. a blazor

5. a pair of jeans shorts

physical ones:

1. toned arms and legs

2. abs ( extremely difficult to achieve)

3. BMI of 16.89 (aiming to achieve in one to two months time)[hopefully i can do it]

if i can achieve 17.78 by 15 August, i will get myself the watch(:


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date: Thursday, June 17, 2010
time:10:54 PM

went down town with my sec sch clique


i cant express how much i yearn to meet you guys today

miss you guys so much

love those fond memories we had in nanhua

like really...

had a good lunch at koufu

and great singing time in kbox

headed home after that

first time taking a bus from the busstop across cine

while riding the bus,

loads went through my mind

god knows what i'm thinking

feeling really confused,puzzled,lost,helpless

like a lost kid who has just witnessed her parents' death

i dont know why, and dont ask me why

met sis at the busstop

such concidence

went straight home

first instinct was to MUNCH, to BINGE.

this is extremely bad

i really mean it

eating non-stop from 6.30pm to 11pm

can u actually imagine that?

and that's totally the reason why i'm putting on weight like crazy

42kg now~~

this is total madness!!!!



i've to stop all these bingeing habit

what else can i do other than bingeing?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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date: Wednesday, June 16, 2010
time:11:34 PM

i want to get similar blazers as those shown above.
where can i get them?
can i put them off as well as those ladies in the pics?
i hope so...

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time:11:31 PM

i want these slim and long legs....
i want to get back my collar bones
i genuinely feel that women should have collar bones???
do you agree?

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time:10:45 PM

macarons from Bakerin
freaking delicious

i've finally tried the warm chocolate cake from Bakerzin
i think they overbaked the cake though
the fudge isnt as flowy as it's supposed to be
but overall, the cake is still rich and fudgy
just a little overbaked
and they dont have proper serving spoons meant for cakes

mummy ordered german sausage platter with mushrooms and potato
and served with a side of dijon mustard
the mushroom and potato are sauteed just right
with a dash of salt and pepper
the sausages cant go wrong when they are freshly grilled with some condiments
like a little garlic and oil on the hot pan
yum yum.

is it supposed to be spelled in this way?
i shall go check it out later
mummy's fav coffee

this pic was taken at Swensen's.
lunch with sis and cousins

who's that in the pic?
it's Vanessa! haha

fish and chips from

roasted chestnuts from chinatown

creme brulee and eclair
omg! this is life!

a plate of fresh, sweet and juicy fruit
load on them for fibre

another round of desserts
i can never get enough of these indulgences
chocolate pear tart, strawberry shortcake, amier choco cake

green tea with extra classy teaset

ohmygod! summer berry tarlet, brownie, mixed berry sponge

a plate of savoury items

smoked salmon salad

these are some of the pics I've taken...
random moments of my life
though i've put on weight
but some of them are still worth it
i shall go work out and shed some of those unhealthy weight off!
MAKE IT WORK- by tim gunns

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title: it's MONDAY!
date: Monday, June 07, 2010
time:11:27 PM
today, woke up slightly later than usual
more specifically, i was woken up by vanessa!
haha, but it was okay...
8am morning call to decide where we are meeting today
as usual
west coast plaza! one of my fav hide-outs
went to starbucks
while vanessa was doing her bio stuffs,
i was watching korean drama
vanessa was supposed to bring her earphones for me, but
oh well, she has simply forgotten to do so
her reason was being too caught-up with thinking about cream-coloured stockings for her tortuorous council camp
haha...poor girl
decided to make a trip to Popular to get myself a pair of earphones anyway
1o bucks....i supposed it isnt too expensive right?
it's lime green in colour!
while being engrossed in my drama,
an european family came into starbucks too...
their kids are super cute...
eating yogurt with a messy mouth...hehe!
the little inquisitive boy,
came round to our table, trying to make out what I am doing
i bet he's pretty puzzled by what I'm doing
which is simply just watching drama!
went to fish and co to have a late lunch
both of us had the exact same meal(:
and this was the first time vanessa foot the entire bill!!!
reason being>?
she was late, and this was her punishment
and, i shall benefit(: hohoho
went to sheng siong after that
vanessa wanted to get some zip-log bags
does zip-log bags sold in sheng siong really cheaper than those sold in cold storage?
i thought it's the same...
i shall do a market survey one day..
on the way, she's busy fretting about her PW...
PW is pretty a killer, especially when u dont get proper group members...
jiayou vanessa, you can do it!
tomorrow, it's an outing with my sis and cousins...
ice-cream buffet!
i'm not going to bother about all those FREaking CALOries....
just simply gonna pig-out
and enjoy!

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date: Saturday, June 05, 2010
time:11:31 PM
maybe i should revive my blog?
i shall just post whenever i wish to.
and right now, i'm gonna start a BRAND NEW LIFE!!!
out of IB, into BITC(baking industry training centre)
on thurs, i was browsing through the newspaper
while flipping through the classified section,
hoping to find a suitable part-time job,
i saw the ad on BITC's open house!
do you know how excited i was?
i'm like, omg! yes! thank god!
went to their open house at Prima immediately the next day with my aunt
they had a 50% discount for their sch fees if you were to register during their open house
of course i grabbed for the chance!
thankfully my BELOVED MUM is supportive of my decision
seriously, without my mum,
all these wouldnt have been possible
love you mum...
after filling up the application form, the 200 bucks of deposit,
the surge of motivation i felt was AWESOME!!!
it has been a long long time i feel so so motivated once again.
it feels so good.
freaking awesome!
can't wait for sch to start on 26july

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